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Korea, South and Research to policy

Korea, South
  • Capital: Seoul
  • Population: 48422644
  • Size: 98480.0 Km2

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Policy recommendations to Abu Dhabi on ICT and e-governance
Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2012
The Korean government has implemented various strategic policies for increasing availability and user take-up of e-Government services since the 1980s. In fact, Korea has become one of the top performers in e-Government and is now bei...
Toward knowledge-based economy of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Korea Development Institute 2012
Korean Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) has been conducted in cooperation with the government of Saudi Arabia on the issues of Economic Development in priority areas in 2010. The KSP with Saudi Arabia reached its second year in ...
System reform of public finance for sustainable growth in the Omani economy
Korea Development Institute 2013
Omani economy, which heavily depends on depletable, mineral resources, is facing the challenge of making itself more diversified and sustainable. To achieve this goal, securing fiscal stability, improving the strategic budget resource...
Institutionalization of the informal credit market and financial inclusion in Korea
Korea Development Institute 2013
Over the last half century, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) has experienced rapid, sustained economic growth, the social benefits of which have been relatively broad-based. Korea today also boasts a modern and deep financial syste...
Governance of SOEs and public institutions in Korea
Korea Development Institute 2013
State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) played a key role in the early stages of industrialization in Korea. Korea still has a large number of SOEs in many industries including energy, infrastructure, and finance sectors, although their propor...
Korean legislation on rural development and land reform
Seok-Jin Yoon; Sang-Yoon Lee; Si-Hyun Park / Korea Development Institute 2013
The main objectives of this research report are to outline the various policies that have been implemented through statutes in the past, and to introduce the legislation regarding rural development and land reform. This report will do...
Education and training program for capacity development for Korean government officials
Changyong Choi; Chang Soo Choe / Korea Development Institute 2013
This report examines education and training programs that have contributed to the capacity development of Korean government officials. The purpose of this report is to extract lessons and implications that can benefit policymakers in ...
The establishment of career civil service system in the Korean government
Sung Min Park; Sang Ok Choi / Korea Development Institute 2013
As part of a knowledge sharing program which intends to share in-depth knowledge about the Korean development experiences with researchers and practitioners in developing countires, this report concerns itself with the story of the Ko...
Experiences and methodology of Korea’s anti-money laundering system deployment and development
Chang-Joo Lee; Jin-Chun Lee / Korea Development Institute 2013
In today’s global economic conditions, the economy of one country is inextricably linked to another in various ways. The wave of liberalization in several sectors including trade, financing, and capital led by major developed co...
Government bond market development
Yeongseop Rhee / Korea Development Institute 2013
This study has two objectives. First, it traces the development of the government bond market in Korea since liberation from Japanese colonial rule in 1945 in order to identify elements underlying the remarkable transformation of the ...
Items 1 to 10 of 19

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