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Uganda and Research to policy

  • Capital: Kampala
  • Population: 33398682
  • Size: 236040.0 Km2

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Researching the politics of service provision: a new conceptual and methodological approach
K. Pruce / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2014
Although politics is seen as critical in shaping the quality of service provision in developing countries, this recognition has yet to be integrated within a conceptual frameworks that shape research. The current paper indicates that ...
Researching the political economy determinants of economic growth: a new conceptual and methodological approach
Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2014
The large existing literature on the determinants of economic growth has traditionally focused on understanding its proximate determinants, with an increasing interest in the role of institutions. A very recent literature now recognis...
Thinking about the politics of inclusive development: towards a relational approach
S. Hickey / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2013
This paper indicates that a range of conceptual approaches have recently emerged within international development literature that seek to capture the specific ways in which politics shapes development. The paper critically assesses wh...
Annotated bibliography on developmental states, political settlements and citizenship formation: towards increased state capacity and legitimacy?
L. Routley / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2012
Policymakers and academics agree that an effective state is the foundation for inclusive development, whilst also recognising the critical role of non-state actors in the delivery of goods and services to poor people. This compilation...
Methods in governance research: a review of research approaches
L. Sáez / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2013
The literature relating to the relationship between governance and inclusive growth does not appear to have reached convergence towards a preferred methodological approach. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the strengths and we...
Can aid bureaucracies think politically?: the administrative challenges of political economy analysis (PEA) in DFID and the World Bank
P. Yanguas; D. Hulme / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2014
The basic aim of all forms of political economy analysis (PEA) is to improve rates of project success through better diagnostics of reform challenges and operating environments. However, even though all aid donors have some personnel ...
Experiences from sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS
Knowledge Services, IDS 2009
The true test of the effectiveness of health and development research is whether people use it – for decision-making, influencing, referencing, or most importantly, to bring about change. Development actors are paying...
Greater economic benefits from pooling regional resources in East and Central Africa
J. You; M. Johnson / International Food Policy Research Institute 2008
This paper explains that given that many countries in the East and Central Africa region are small and face similar agro-ecological, climatic, and development challenges, relying on expensive national research and development (R&D...
Overcoming barriers in developing agricultural biotechnology in Africa
N. Clark; J. Mugabe; J. Smith / African Centre for Technology Studies 2008
This book provides an overview of the potential benefits of agricultural biotechnology in Africa in the context of continuous poor agricultural production and rising food insecurity. The authors draw on research on biotechnology and b...
Lessons for civil society groups and donors interested in undertaking applied budget work
P. de Renzio; W. Krafchik / Overseas Development Institute 2007
This study examines the issues of budget accountability and budget policies. Within budget acountability it looks at budget groups’ impact on levels of budget transparency, public literacy and awareness of budget issues, an...
Items 1 to 10 of 20

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