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India and Statistics

  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Population: 1173108018
  • Size: 3287590.0 Km2

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Statistical profile of scheduled tribes in India 2013
The Ministry of Tribal Affairs 2013
The Government of India acknowledges the importance of a good database to deal with Scheduled Tribes’ affairs.This document contains information relating to some key characteristics pertaining to Scheduled Tribe population such a...
Tribal profile at a glance 2014
The Ministry of Tribal Affairs 2014
Statistical Profile of Scheduled Tribes. This is done through collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of data and information on various facets of tribals and their socio-economic development  from different sources - C...
Data mapping on ageing in Asia and the Pacific: analytical report
B. Teerawichitchainan; J. Knodel / HelpAge International Asia, Pacific Regional Development Centre 2015
Population ageing is an increasingly important demographic, social, and economic issue for researchers and policy makers throughout developing Asia prompting a need for data to monitor change and formulate evidence-based policies. The...
Statistics Related to Climate Change – India
S. Jeyalakshmi; V. Parameswaran; J. Mathew / Department of Statistics, India 2013
The present state of the environment with regard to climate change is reflected in the condition of the atmosphere and hydrological system of the earth. The various initiatives taken by India's Central Statistics Office (CSO)&nbs...
Selecting a targeting method to identify BPL households in India
S. Seth; S. Alkire / Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative 2012
The identification of 'Who is Poor' is a central question in both targeting and measurement exercises.This paper proposes how to select a methodology to target multidimensionally poor households, and how to update that targeting exerc...
Thirty per cent of Indian workers live below the poverty line
K. Sundaram; S.D. Tendulkar / Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics, India 2004
This paper presents all-India estimates of the number of poor people in the Indian labour force for 1993-94 and 1999-2000 and analyses the gender, activity and rural-urban composition of this group for the two points in time. It uses ...
Defining poverty lines in India
S. Rath / Economic and Political Weekly, India 2003
This paper examines in detail the premises used in the basic methodology of the Indian Planning Commission to define poverty lines in India. It examines the logistics of using available data with a view to estimating poverty tr...
Trade liberalisation and the product-specific evolution of world trade
J. Mayer / World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER) 2003
This paper undertakes a product-specific analysis of the evolution of world trade over the past two decades. It departs from the typical gravity model and uses statistical evidence to provide a first step towards a comprehensive produ...
Problems in measurements of growth and inequality
A. Deaton / United Nations [UN] Statistics Division 2003
This paper empirically explores the contradictions and inadequacies of measurements of growth and inequality between national accounts and surveys. It explores the reasons as to why there is divergence of results from national account...
Impact of primary deficit, growth and interest rate
C. Rangarajan; D. K. Srivastava / Economic and Political Weekly, India 2003
This paper states that debt arises out of differences between cumulated primary deficits and excessive growth over interest rates. The author argues that this had been caused by an increase in the interest rate over the growth rate wh...
Items 1 to 10 of 25

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