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Malawi and Statistics

  • Capital: Lilongwe
  • Population: 15447500
  • Size: 118480.0 Km2

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Measuring household poverty in Malawi
National Statistical Office of Malawi 2005
In 1997-98, Malawi conducted the first Integrated Household Survey (IHS-1). The survey was designed by the National Statistics Office (NSO) of Malawi with technical assistance from IFPRI and the World Bank. It was carried out from Nov...
Generating and analysing data on child labour in Malawi’s tea industry
W.C. Chirwa / Chancellor College, University of Malawi 2005
This document is a report of a baseline study of child labour in Malawi’s tea industry. It presents the combined findings of a field and desk study on the issues of child labour in the tea-producing districts of Thyolo and Mulan...
Data collection and statistical analysis: findings on the capacity of African Education Ministries
S. Bodo / Association for the Development of Education in Africa 2007
This report presents the results of a survey to gauge the capacity levels of Anglophone African Education Ministries’ statistics offices. It presents information provided by statisticians, planners and computer specialists from ...
Statistical representation of human development in Malawi
Measure DHS Deomographic and Health Surveys 2005
This report details the key findings of the 2004 demographic and health survey (DHS) for Malawi. The report includes, but is not limited to, topics such as household and respondent characteristics, fertility and family planning, mater...
Investigating alternative institutional and economic policies to promote pro-poor agricultural growth in Malawi
H. Tchale; H. Lofgren; P. Wobst; J. Morrison; A. Dorward / Development Policy Research Unit, University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa 2004
This paper pulls together insights from related farm-household and CGE modelling for Malawi to suggest wider methodological and policy lessons for pro-poor policy analysis in poor agrarian economies. It summarises the farm-household a...
Exploring misconceptions about what caused the 2001-3 food emergency in Malawi
L. Rubey / Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID 2003
This brief report examines the assumptions that the 2001-2003 food crisis in Malawi was the result of poor management of grain reserves, corruption and a severe drought. It argues that these often-cited ‘causes’ are partial ...
Participatory methods for generating credible statistics
C. Barahona; S. Levy / Statistical Services Centre, University of Reading 2002
This paper aims to show that it is possible to generate statistics which will be taken seriously by policymakers from research using participatory methods. A key requirement is to produce results from a representative sample, which ca...
Maps of poverty distribution in Malawi
T. Benson; J. Kaphuka; S. Kanyanda; R. Chinula / International Food Policy Research Institute 2002
No maps on social statistics in Malawi have been produced for wide distribution for at least 10 years. This atlas combines information and analysis of the 1998 Population and Housing Census and the 1997-98 Integrated Household Survey,...
Indicators of relative-poverty for Malawi
National Statistical Office of Malawi 2001
Analysis of the 1998 survey into five quintiles according to their rank based on their household welfare indicator. The report is a supplement to the "Profile of Poverty in Malawi, 1998" report whcih looked at absolute poverty measure...
World Data on Education [country profiles]
International Bureau of Education, UNESCO 1998
Country level educational sector profiles (144 in June 2000). Overview describing structure of sector and nationals policies Includes statistcal indicators. Available on WWW and on (free) CDROM.
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