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  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Population: 156118464
  • Size: 144000.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection
The BLDS print collection

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Climate change adaptation strategies through indigenous knowledge system: Aspect on agro-crop production in the flood prone areas of Bangladesh
M.A. Al Mamun; M.A. Al Pavel / Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2014
This study explores the climate change adaptation strategies for agro crop production and assesses the financial suitability through indigenous knowledge in flood prone areas of Bangladesh. Different types of adaptation strategies for...
Sourcing examples of policy and programming practice for empowering women in a rural context
U. Murray / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This reports deals with the issue of empowering women in a rural context, aiming at promoting transformative gender policy by updating livelihoods advisers’ knowledge of gender in a changing agricultural and rural context. ...
Factors at country level influencing choice in utilisation of energy resource potential
D. Shaw,; N. Perera / Evidence on Demand, 2014
The UK Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned this rapid desk-based study into the factors affecting choice of energy resource utilisation (with a focus on electricity generation). The results of the study will h...
The potential of NGOs to build resilience to climate extremes and disasters in the Sahel and a selection of DFID priority countries
S. Standley / Evidence on Demand, 2013
The BRACED is a multi-year programme which will scale up funding to NGOs interventions that build community resilience to extreme climate events in ten African and South Asian countries. Drawing on the first two phases of BRACED, this...
Supporting climate resilient value chains
D. Burnett / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This report include an examination of three commodity supply/value chains that are grown in four African states besides Pakistan and Bangladesh. The document focuses particularly on current trends in the value chains and considering w...
Asset values: why are some households doing better than others?
Chars Livelihoods Programme, 2014
Research shows that two groups of previous participants of Chars Livelihoods Programme in Bangladesh (CLP) have substantially different amounts of assets. One group built up significant assets while the other group did not, and, in so...
A study into the effectiveness and sustainability of Village Development Committees
Chars Livelihoods Programme, 2014
The Chars Livelihoods Programme (CLP) works to lift participants out of extreme poverty in a sustainable way. Many of the CLP activities require deep-rooted social change which relies on participation and commitment from the community...
Impact of Chars Livelihoods Programme on the disaster resilience of Chars communities
Chars Livelihoods Programme, 2014
The Chars Livelihoods Programme (CLP) works with extreme poor households living on island chars in North West Bangladesh. It aims to improve the livelihoods, incomes and food security of at least one million poor and vulnerable women,...
Mobilising for women’s rights and the role of resources: synthesis report - Bangladesh
S. Nazneen; M. Sultan; M. Mukhopadhyay / Centre for Gender and Social Transformation, 2011
The Research Programme Consortium (RPC) on Pathways of Women’s Empowerment undertook an inter-country research on ‘Mobilising for Women’s Rights and the Role of Resources’. The project, which took ...
National discourses on women’s empowerment in Bangladesh: continuities and change
S. Nazneen, Naomi Hossain and Maheen Sultan; N. Hossain; M. Sultan / Centre for Gender and Social Transformation, 2011
Improvements in women’s wellbeing and increased agency are claimed to be some of the most significant gains in Bangladesh's  post-independence era. Various economic and social development indicators show that in the last 20...
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International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD)
The International Centre for Climate Change and Development builds and leads a network of institutes, promoting knowledge on climate change and development
Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research (BJAR)
Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research is a quarterly journal highlighting original contributions on all disciplines of agricultural research conducted in any part of the globe.  The journal is open access.
Chars Livelihoods Programme (CLP)
The Chars Livelihoods Programme (CLP) works with extreme poor households living on island chars in north western Bangladesh, and aims to improve the livelihoods of over one million people. The CLP is jointly funded by UKaid through the Department for International Development and the Australian Government (AusAID), sponsored by the Rural Development and Co-operatives Division of the Government of...
Center for Participatory Research and Development (CPRD)
Center for Participatory Research and Development is an independent, non-profit policy, research and implementation institute.
Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI)
Bangladesh Enterprise Institute is a non-profit, non-political research centre. Established in October 2000, the Institute has established for itself a reputation for excellence in its research and advocacy work focusing on the growth of private enterprise in Bangladesh. The Institute promotes issues of importance to the private sector and seeks to initiate essential measures and influence policy...
Institute of Informatics and Development (IID)
Bangladesh-based policy think tank
Intercooperation Bangladesh
Intercooperation is a Swiss not-for-profit organisation which supports partner organisations in more than twenty developing and transition countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Intercooperation Bangladesh's mandate covers natural resource management, local governance and market development. It concentrates its activities in the Rajshahi Division a...
UNICEF Bangladesh
The UNICEF Bangladesh country office work in partnership with government ministries, non-government organisations, UN agencies and a wide range of donors in order to solve the problems facing children in Bangladesh. Specifically, UNICEF Bangladesh works on: education health and nutrition protection...
Bangladesh Online Research Network (BORN)
The Bangladesh Online Research Network (BORN), also known as, is an online Knowledge Center brought to you by IID. BDResearch collects publications from reputed institutions home and abroad on or related to Bangladesh in all spheres of knowledge. It's aims are: to facilitate research on Bangladesh by researchers, policy makers, students, business, academia...
Church of Bangladesh Social Development Programme
The Church of Bangladesh Social Development Program (CBSDP) is a development wing of the Church of Bangladesh. Its goal is to uplift the status of people in the church community and reduce the social, economic and moral inequalities. This Community Development Projects aim to empower the rural poor people around issues of health, women’s rights and human rights and to provide vocational deve...
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