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  • Capital: Beijing
  • Population: 1330044000
  • Size: 9596960.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Welfare gains from regional economic integration in Asia: ASEAN+3 or EAS
S.K. Mohanty; S Pohit / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2007
The experiences of Asian countries suggest that the region has substantial economic potentials and synergies between these countries and they can be better tapped with comprehensive economic cooperation. With this approach formation o...
Brazilian economy: recent evolution and new perspectives for South-South cooperation
L.M.P Lima / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2007
Brazilian economic stagnation of the early 1980s mirrors that of the other Latin American countries. Thus, comparison on the economic data for the whole of Latin America from 1980 up to today and those of the 1950-1980 period, reveals...
Regional cooperation and integration prospects in Asia
R Nag / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2007
There is indeed a strong opportunity for South Asian countries to benefit from intensifying regional ties. As a regional policy dialogue becomes stronger and barriers are gradually eliminated, or at least substantially reduced, econom...
Towards an Asian “Bretton Woods” for restructuring of the regional financial architecture
R Agarwala / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2008
Despite a plethora of programs for increased financial co-operation in Asia, there has been very little real progress in developing a regional architecture for financial co-operation in Asia. While the risks of repetition of 1997-98 s...
East Asian infrastructure development in a comparative global perspective: an analysis of RIS infrastructure index
N Kumar; P De / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2008
Development of infrastructure is one of the key priorities of East Asia Summit (EAS) countries. By constructing an Infrastructure Index for 104 countries comprising all the EAS members, this paper examines the levels of infrastructure...
Understanding Mountain Poverty in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas : Regional Report for Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, (ICIMOD), Nepal, 2011
Around 211 million people reside in the greater Himalayan region, but there is a lack of cohesive information on their socioeconomic status. In general, issues such as whether, how, and why mountain poverty differs from national pover...
Towards developing the Karakoram-Pamir Landscape – Report of the regional consultation to develop future strategic programme for biodiversity management and climate change adaptation
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, (ICIMOD), Nepal, 2012
This publication gives a brief overview of the regional consultation facilitated by ICIMOD to improve collaboration between China and Pakistan in the Karakoram-Pamir Landscape. The paper gives highlights of the consultation held in De...
Emerging economies as sources of investment and appropriate technology: evidence from India
S Chaturvedi / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2008
The BICS countries (Brazil, India, China, and South Africa) have developed strong linkages with fellow developing countries in the realms of trade, investment and technology. This paper analyses the major trends in India’s linka...
Rise of BICS and the world economy implications of india’s recent expansion on developing countries
S.K Mohanty / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2008
The rise of emerging countries has caused a profound impact on the balance of economic powers in the global economy. With the upsurge of the emerging economies, global disparity between countries has not only been reduced but many of ...
China's manufacturing success: lessons for India
P. Sahoo; A. Bhunia / Institute of Economic Growth, India, 2014
For India to achieve its stated goals of reviving its manufacturing sector and providing jobs to the tens of millions of its unemployed youth, it must design policies targeted at low cost mass manufacturing, and will need massive inve...
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China Institute of International Studies (CIIS)
China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) is the think tank of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It conducts research and analysis on a wide range of foreign policy issues.
China Carbon Forum (CCF)
China Carbon Forum (CCF) was established in 2007 by professionals in China’s climate change sector as a non-for-profit organisation to exchange information, best practices and engage with China’s climate change stakeholders.
Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC)
Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC) is an institution of applied economic and trade policy research and consultancy directly under the Ministry of Commerce MOFCOM of the People’s Republic of China. Research Fields: world economy international trade international economic cooperation...
International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC)
Chinese platform for knowledge sharing, information exchange and international collaboration in the areas of poverty reduction and development.
Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning (CAEP)
Founded in 2001, the Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning (CAEP) of the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) is a public institution with independent legal status. CAEP provides technical support and services such as environmental planning, environmental policy and consultation on environmental project selection management for the Chinese government and corporations.
The Chinese Government's Official Web Portal
is cutting down on carbon emission by China significant?
China Environmental Science Press (CESP)
Factory Improvement Training (FIT 5)
Multi-supplier training programme
Institute of Contemporary Observation (ICO)
Labour development and corporate social responsibility in China
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), China
UNDP's office in China
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