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  • Capital: Tripoli
  • Population: 6461454
  • Size: 1759540.0 Km2

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Confidence, capacity, connections: a young woman's guide to leadership
G Borovsky; S Cherrabi El Alaoui; M Doherty / National Democratic Institute, 2010
Civic and political engagement can be a daunting challenge, particularly for young women. This guide is designed for a wide range of young women, be they a member of an established organisation or association, an aspiring politician, ...
Helpdesk Report: Libyan health service capacity
L. Bolton / Department for International Development, UK, 2011
This report includes information on Libyan health service capacity, the health service response to the crisis, technical capacity of staff, reliance on foreign health workers, medical supply distribution system, decentralisation of se...
Autocracies, democratization and development in the Arab region
S. Makdisi / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2011
This paper focuses on the relationship between economic, political and historical factors in current Arab countries. The paper indicates that in the post second world war period, Arab political institutions generally have not been ope...
Creating incentives for more effective wastewater reuse in the Middle East and North Africa
M. Jeuland / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2011
Systematic water recycling remains rare in many arid and semi-arid countries, for example in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This paper argues that much of the relative failure to make greater use of reclaimed wastewater in M...
Politics, economics, and violence: the organization of societies and third-party enforcement
J. Wallis / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2011
This paper is sought to review the nexus between governments and economies and the nature of their interaction, particularly the ability of governments to enforce rules by serving as an unbiased third-party enforcer of public laws. ...
Cyclicality of fiscal behavior in developing oil-producing countries: an empirical review
N. Erbil / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2011
Oil price volatility has increased in recent years, where these large, unpredictable swings have a major impact on fiscal balances in developing oil-producing economies. This paper examines the cyclicality of fiscal behaviour in 28 de...
Did the global financial crisis and recession contribute to the uprisings in North Africa?
H. Aly; M. Strazicich / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2011
The uprisings in North Africa in 2011 has induced many analysts to suggest a host of factors as the root cause of the turmoil. This paper asks: did the global financial crisis of 2007-2009 affect economic growth in the North African c...
What drives the global land rush?
R. Arezki; K. Deininger; H. Selod / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2011
Recent increases in the level of agricultural commodity prices and the resulting demand for land has been accompanied by a rising interest in acquiring agricultural land by investors. This paper studies the determinants of foreign lan...
Peace and Security Council Report: Issue 66
Institute for Security Studies, 2015
This edition includes: Special Focus: African Union summit: Heads of state of the PSC deferred the tabling of a crucial report on South Sudan and decided to send a regional force to combat Boko Haram. A range of side me...
Emigration and origin country’s institutions: does the destination country matter?
M. Beine; K. Sekkat / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2012
The causes and consequences on international labour migration is a one of the liveliest debate among contemporary international economists. This paper examines the influence of international migration on the evolution of the quality o...
Items 1 to 10 of 52

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