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Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia
  • Capital: Castries
  • Population: 160922
  • Size: 616.0 Km2

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Ecosystem based approaches for climate change adaptation in Caribbean SIDS
B. Chatenoux / Global Resource Information Database 2013
Existing climate variability and global climate change are major threats to sustainable development in the Caribbean, particularly for the Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Hurricanes, storm surges and extreme rainfall events cau...
Integrating watershed and coastal areas management in the Caribbean small island developing states
Global Environment Facility Environmental Information Infrastructure (EII) for Latin America and the Caribbean 2007
The capacity needs assessment examined the functions, procedures, products, data, tools and human resources available in each agency and uses this information to determine GIS and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) requir...
Policy reform for sustainable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean
Organization of the American States 2004
This article describes the potential of sustainable energy technologies including renewables and energy efficiency to significantly reduce fossil fuel use for electricity production in Latin America and the Caribbean. It highli...
Enabling civil society in Saint Lucia to adapt to the impacts of climate change
Caribbean Natural Resources Institute 2015
The government in Saint Lucia is taking action through the development of policies as well as targeted investment and interventions to facilitate climate change adaptation action. However civil society organisations are not in ...
Report on the KAP survey of six participating member states
US Agency for International Development 2013
The KAP  on  climate  change  was  conducted  to  assess  the  knowledge  of,  attitudes to,  and practices of  the  population  of  the  OECS - Anti...
An assessment of the economic and social impacts of climate change on the energy sector in the Caribbean
R. Martin / CEPAL - ECLAC Database 2013
The 2013 report assesses the economic and social impacts of climate change on the energy sector in Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Kitt...
Second national communication on climate change for Saint Lucia
The main components of this Second National Communication are integrated vulnerability and adaptation assessments; identification of national circumstances that affect the assessments; conduct of green house inventory; mitigation exer...
Energy policy and sector analysis in the Caribbean (2010-2011)
Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas 2012
This report analyses the state of the energy sector and energy policy in seven small island developing states (SIDS) in the Caribbean, with an emphasis on renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities in the countries. The repo...
Enhancing the climate risk and adaptation fact base for the Caribbean ... preliminary results of the ECA study
Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility 2010
The impacts of climate change in the form of phenomena such as sea level rise and intensified natural disasters weigh heavily on the developing economies of the Caribbean. The key to reducing the scope and severity of losses lies in p...
The impact of climate change on design windspeeds in St. Lucia
P. J. Vickery / Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre 2008
The objective of this study is to develop a methodology to estimate the change in the wind speeds used for the design of structures in Saint Lucia associated with a potential increase in hurricane intensity and frequency brought about...
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