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  • Capital: Mogadishu
  • Population: 10112453
  • Size: 637657.0 Km2

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Somali pirates have rights too: judicial consequences and human rights concerns
D. Osiro / Institute for Security Studies, 2011
This paper deals with the international community’s efforts conducted in countering piracy in the Horn of Africa, focusing particularly on the legality of the existing piracy jurisdiction. The paper underlines that defini...
Bottlenecks to deployment! police capacity building and deployment in Africa
F.B. Aboagye; X. Ejoyi; A.A. Asamoah / Institute for Security Studies, 2010
This study explores the police training environment in Africa and gauges some of the key challenges to the smooth deployment of trained police officers. The paper notices that complex emergencies will continue to be a feature o...
Somalia dilemmas: changing security dynamics, but limited policy choices
S.A. Dersso / Institute for Security Studies, 2010
It has been nearly two decades since the collapse of Somalia and the beginning of the protracted conflict in the country. Despite this situation, the conflict continues to rage on and to injure, maim and kill tens of thousands of Soma...
The chair of the African Union: what prospect for institutionalisation?
D. Lecoutre / Institute for Security Studies, 2010
The chair of the Pan-African organisation (PAO) is one position that can be scrutinised and defined with difficulty. Its real political and institutional significance can only be appraised through a historical analysis because it is a...
The role and place of the African Standby Force within the African Peace and Security Architecture
S.A. Dersso / Institute for Security Studies, 2010
This paper highlights the importance of the African Standby Force (ASF) within the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) and examines the challenges facing it as one of the most important mechanisms for the African Union&rsqu...
Comparing Somalia's al-Shabaab and Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army: a toxic mix of religion, politics and violence
K. Emmanuel / Institute for Security Studies, 2011
Somalia’s Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (HSM) and Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army could in principle be regarded as soldiers of the same struggle: both of these militant groups have a comparable goal of implementi...
Regional security in the post-cold war Horn of Africa
R. Sharamo (ed) / Institute for Security Studies, 2011
Africa still faces numerous security issues that continue to challenge its political viability, stability, prosperity and sustainable peace. This monograph attempts to uncover the complexity of the most salient security issues ...
The Somali diaspora, options for post-conflict reconstruction
M. Lewela / Institute for Security Studies, 2012
With the transition process having come to an end and a semblance of normality returning to Somalia, the priority remains how to stabilise the country and promote national reconstruction. For a country that suffers from multifaceted s...
Somalia: Fighting the odds in the search for peace after the transition
A, Atta-Asamoah / Institute for Security Studies, 2014
Despite renewed hope in the future of Somalia, post-transition efforts towards peace and stability in this country face numerous challenges. This situation report notes that progress will be defined by the dynamics surrounding the str...
“Here, rape is normal”: A five-point plan to curtail sexual violence in Somalia
Human Rights Watch, 2014
This report highlights the issue of sexual violence in Somalia, in a context of two decades of civil conflict and a large population of displaced persons and other people vulnerable to sexual violence. State institutions have been des...
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Institute for Practical Research and Training, Somalia (IPR / IPRT)
Independent research and training educational institute. IPRT operates an independent research center where Somali and non-Somali scholars conduct research on selected post-war reconstruction issues (including landmines, political development) WWW site includes full text of publications and conference proceedings
Somalia Online
Site containing reports and links to general information on Somalia and events taking place. Links to country information, maps, current and past news reports.
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