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Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago
  • Capital: Port of Spain
  • Population: 1228691
  • Size: 5128.0 Km2

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Second National Communication of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tabago, 2013
This Second National Communication of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago focuses on the compilation and analysis of the National Inventory of greenhouse gases (GHGs), vulnerability and adaptation studies, mitigation options as well a...
Trinidad & Tobago Initial National Communication
Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tabago, 2001
This initial national communication of Trinidad and Tobago to the UNFCCC secretariat includes: national circumstances, national greenhouse gas inventory, statements on vulnerability and adaptation strategies, technology needs, and cap...
Cyclicality of fiscal behavior in developing oil-producing countries: an empirical review
N. Erbil / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2011
Oil price volatility has increased in recent years, where these large, unpredictable swings have a major impact on fiscal balances in developing oil-producing economies. This paper examines the cyclicality of fiscal behaviour in 28 de...
Working Group Report Climate Change Impacts on Coastal and Marine Biodiversity in the Insular Caribbean - Report of Working Group II, Climate Change and Biodiversity in the Insular Caribbean
G. Cambers; R. Claro; R. Juman; S. Scott / Caribbean Natural Resources Institute, 2008
This report is based on a desk study of published and unpublished literature relating to climate change and its impact on coastal and marine biodiversity in the insular Caribbean. The authors identify several constraints a...
‘¿Como te haces entender?’Gender and Gun Culture in Caribbean Context
United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women, 2010
Although Latin America and the Caribbean have not seen interstate conflict for decades, the countries in the region cannot be said to be at peace given the high levels of gun violence. In spite of the magnitude of the problem, there i...
Developing financeable NAMAs: a practitioner’s guide
D. Sawyer / International Institute for Sustainable Development, 2013
Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) are fast becoming the climate finance vehicle of choice to help developing countries transition to low carbon, climate resilient futures. Developing countries, their development partne...
Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change in Caribbean small island developing states: integrating local and external knowledge
J. Mercer / Many Strong Voices, 2012
Caribbean small island developing states (SIDS) are vulnerable to climate change impacts including sea level rise, invasive species, ocean acidification, changes in rainfall patterns, increased temperatures and changing hazard regimes...
Climate change economics on a small island: new approaches for Tobago
International Institute for Environment and Development, 2011
For small islands like Tobago — that depend heavily on tourism driven by their natural ‘beauty’ — climate change poses a double-edged threat on supply and demand. Rising sea levels, increasing temperatures and more...
UNDP climate change country profile: Trinidad and Tobago
C. McSweeny / United Nations Development Programme, 2008
A profile of the nation of Trinidad and Tobago compiled for the UNDP. It includes an overview of the island's present climate and how it is anticipated to alter in the face of climate change. The article goes on to discuss Trinidad's ...
Review of health effects of climate variability and climate change in the Caribbean
M. Taylor / Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, 2009
One of the areas in which climate change is strongly anticipated to have a potential impact in the coming years is the spread of communicable and vector-borne diseases. This study examines the incidence of dengue in Trinidad and Tobag...
Items 1 to 10 of 47

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