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Published: 2015

Mobilizing science for climate change, agriculture and food security: engaging the Southeast Asian media

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In the context of agriculture and food security, science innovations on mitigating and adapting to climate change are available, but these are not well shared with next users and end users (especially farmers) and the public due to inadequate coverage by the mainstream media, a powerful partner in communication and engagement. The urgent need for media practitioners to have a n accurate, science-based understanding of climate change and enhance their skills on environmental reporting gave CCAFS -SEA the impetus to conduct a series of inter-Center media seminar-work shops for key Southeast Asian media practitioners in collaboration with NARS and national media partners.

Aside from the enhancing the capacity of the media in reporting climate change, agriculture and food security, this initiative paved the way for stronger inter-Center collaboration and showcased a public-private-CSO partnership in communication and engagement for climate change mitigation and adaptation in the region. 

Recommendations specifically for journalists:

  • make use of connections with researchers in writing articles/producing materials on CCAFS issues
  • climate change is not just a gloom and doom scenario: write about the problem and how people are addressing it around the world/in your area

Recommendations specifically for CGIAR and other research centers:

  • have the initiative to start relationships with media practitioners
  • maintain relationship with media through sending invitations to activities, updates on on-going projects (not just projects that have ended)
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R. Navarro; B. Joven; A. Cruz

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