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Published: 2017

Innovating in development: Sharing learning, improving impact - workshop report

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This paper assesses the intrinsic case for inter-group equality, with an emphasis on the graphical device called the group poverty profile. It also analyses the instrumental case for inter-group equality, by exploring the possibility of a group-affiliation determining an individual's poverty status.

The author concludes that:

  • inter-group inequalities in the distribution of poverty are a standard feature of many stratified societies
  • the economics of poverty measurement often neglect externalities arising from group affiliation
  • allowing for an explicit reckoning of inter-group inequalities enables one to see that how one partitions the population has implications for deprivation comparisons
  • such methodology also allows for the instrumental defence of inter-group equality and reverse discrimination.

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Isabel Vogel; Gabrielle Minkley

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