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Document Abstract
Published: 2010

Supporting community based responses to AIDS, TB and malaria: a guidance tool for including Community Systems Strengthening in Global Fund proposals

Practical guidance on developing Community Systems Strengthening activities for Global Fund proposals
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This tool seeks to increase understanding about the benefits Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) can bring at the national, district and local levels, and to support advocacy and technical support efforts around CSS. It provides practical guidance on developing CSS activities for Global Fund proposals, advocating for the inclusion of CSS in national and regional proposals, as well as suggesting ways to more effectively implementing CSS activities if the proposal is approved.

Those likely to benefit from this guidance include staff in UNAIDS Country Offices and members of key affected populations, CBOs, networks of people living with HIV (PLHIV), CCM members, Global Fund technical review panel (TRP) members, international and national NGOs and faith-based organisations, other UN staff and proposal writing consultants.

The document contains sections on:
  • roadmap: including CSS in a Global Fund proposal
  • who needs to be involved, and what are their roles?
  • community Systems Strengthening: activities and models
  • assessing community-level needs within the national context
  • the Global Fund Proposal Form and Guidelines
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