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Published: 2011

Young lives, international study of childhood poverty - policy papers

Resources from Young Lives study
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Policy papers from the Young Lives study:

  • Putting Children at the Centre of Poverty Debates 
  • Inequalities, Life Chances and Gender
  • Understanding the Impacts of Crisis on Children in Developing Countries 
  • Progress Towards the MDGs? Fragile Gains and Deep Inequalities
  • The Impact of Social Protection on Children 
  • Children and the Millennium Development Goals Fragile Gains and Deep Inequalities 
  • Social Protection and ChildrenA Synthesis of Evidence from Young Lives Longitudinal Research in Ethiopia, India and Peru
  • Early Childhood Care and Education as a Strategy for Poverty Reduction 
  • The Impact of the Midday Meal Scheme on Nutrition and Learning 
  • Impacts of Social Protection Programmes in Ethiopia on Child Work and Education 
  • Children and the Food Price Crisis
  • Trade Liberalisation and Child Wellbeing 
  • Educational choices in Ethiopia: What determines whether poor children go to school? 
  • The Social Impacts of Trade Liberalisation: How can childhood poverty be reduced 
  • The Impact of Parental Death on Child Outcomes: Evidence from Ethiopia 
  • Trade liberalisation and Children: Understanding and Coping with Children 
  • Education for All in Vietnamhigh enrolment, but problems of quality remain  
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