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Published: 30 Apr 2007

ICTs and small-scale agriculture in Africa: A scoping study

Opportunities for ICTs in small-scale agriculture
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This study aims to explore the opportunities presented by ICTs in small-scale agriculture including environment and natural resources management. It specifically sets out to answer a set of research questions as follows:

  •  Provide working definitions for small-scale agriculture, environment and natural resources management and provide justification of why the focus on this sector.
  • Provide an overview of emerging issues in small-scale agriculture in Africa. The study aims to identify implementers and innovative ICT applications (overview of projects/programmes/initiatives in the field) that are currently ongoing in the small-scale agriculture and natural resources sector in Africa
  • The factors that influence the use of ICTs as an input into small-scale agriculture (assess the prevailing policy regimes and ICTs as they relate to agriculture, including agricultural policy, land reform policy and institutional framework that empower small scale farmers, ICT policy reform activities and other related policies such as environment and natural resources policies. This also included examining the effects and potential of ICTs in restructuring of extension services and other government departments, as well as the need for broadband services). What are the most successful models of the use of ICTs to support ecommerce and micro-finance applications in this largely informal sector?
  • Identify the key players in ICTs and small-scale agriculture and natural resources in Africa
  • Discuss different scenarios on how best to put together an Africa-wide initiative in this area
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H. Munyua

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