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Published: 2012

Environmental Impact of Land Use in the Chalan Beel Area: A Study of Some selected Villages in Kalam union

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Poverty with the rapid population growth and their consequent needs compel men to over-exploit natural resources like land. Given the nature of agricultural technologies and practices, land is loosing its potentialities gradually. It is observed that the extensive monopoly of HYVs rice cultivation has already replaced other crops in the Chalan beel area, which were friendly to environment and were important sources of nutrition. The intensification of land use and itsassociate externalities and spillovers have produced environmental imbalances in the study area to a level which is not serious enough in the present context but symptoms are very much apparent in the degradation of resources like land with its concomitant evils. These are very critical in view of necessity to ensure food security for growing population of the country during the next twenty years.
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M.M. Rahman

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