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Published: 2010

Poverty, Equity and Access to Education in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh has made great improvements in the scale and quality of access to education in recent years and gender equality has almost been achieved in primary education (World Bank, 2008). Evidence from CREATE’s nationwide community and school survey confirms results from other research which suggests that poverty remains a barrier to education for many in Bangladesh.The ComSS data suggest that policies that have been introduced to enable the poor to attend school are not accurately targeted or having the desired effects. Targeted assistance for sections of society who are denied access to education in what is meant by equity in this paper. This goes beyond equal opportunity and seeks justice for those who have been left out. In this monograph we describe the influence on indicators of access to education covered by CREATE’s conceptual model, such as children who drop out of school, children who have never enrolled and silent exclusion .
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A Hossain

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