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Published: 2011

Regulatory and financial incentives for scaling up concentrating solar power in developing countries

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Concentrating solar thermal power (CST) has a tremendous potential for scaling up renewable energy at the utility level, diversifying the generation portfolio mix, powering development, and mitigating climate change. A recent surge in demand for solar thermal power generation projects using different CST technologies in various countries shows that CST could become an important renewable energy technology that would provide an alternative to conventional thermal power generation based on the central utility model. Against this background, this report (a) analyses and draws lessons from the efforts of some developed countries and adapts them to the characteristics of developing economies; (b) assesses the cost reduction potential and economic and financial affordability of various technologies in emerging markets; (c) evaluates the potential for cost reduction and associated economic benefits derived from local manufacturing; (d) suggests ways to tailor bidding models.
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N. Kulichenko

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