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Published: 2011

District climate and energy plan (DCEP) preparation guideline

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The DCEP preparation guideline intends to support the DDCs and consultants for preparing the DCEP of the respective districts in Nepal. The Guideline is expected to support the relevant institutions/organisations and individuals to carry out climate change adaptive renewable energy planning and its implementation. The authors expect that this Guideline will also support decentralised energy planning for other developing countries. Tthe guideline aims to support energy planning in the context of climate change and GSI by: 1. Providing a systematic process, steps and tools to create DCEPs that integrate climate change and GSI into energy planning. 2. Providing ideas on assessing vulnerabilities of energy resources, sources and consumption and opportunities created by climate change. 3. Enabling planners to make appropriate decisions on sustainable and clean energy development/adoption in the districts.
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M. Shretha

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