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Published: 2011

Strengthening Voices: How pastoralist communities and local government are shaping strategies for adaptive environmental management and poverty reduction in Tanzania’s drylands.

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Tanzania has approximately 1.5 million pastoralists. The National Livestock Policy of 2006, and the Grazing-land and Animal Feed Resources Act no. 13 of 2010, underscored the contribution of pastoralism as a viable way of life. However there are still knowledge gaps at different levels and among stakeholders on how pastoralism benefits the national economy, as well as gaps in policy implementation. Pastoralism has a lot of opportunities which if exploited will contribute immensely to poverty alleviation in Tanzania. The ‘Strengthening Voices’ project, undertaken by IIED and Kimmage DSC, has at its core a pastoral training course that explains the economic and ecological processes at the heart of pastoral systems - clarifying the rationale that underpins pastoral livelihood strategies.
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