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Published: 2011

VM0015 Methodology for Uplanned Deforestation

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This document outlines a methodology for estimating and monitoring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of project activities that avoid unplanned deforestation (AUD). It also gives the option to account for carbon stock enhancements in forests that would be deforested in the baseline case, when these are measurable and significant. According to the authors that the methodology has no geographic restrictions and is applicable globally under the following conditions: * Baseline activities may include planned or unplanned logging * Project activities may include one or a combination of the eligible categories defined in the description of the scope of the methodology * The project area can include different types of forest * At project commencement, the project area shall include only land qualifying as “forest” for a minimum of 10 years prior to the project start date * The project area can include forested wetlands as long as they do not grow on peat
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L Pedroni

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