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Published: 2012

Reefs at risk revisited in the Coral Triangle

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This report analyses the threats to coral reefs of the Coral Triangle, including overfishing and destructive fishing, coastal development, pollution from land and sea, and climate change related threats such as ocean warming and acidification. Key findings include: the majority of the world's coral reefs are threatened by human activity; climate change represents a growing threat; dependence on coral reefs is high in many small island developing states; degradation and loss of reefs will result in significant social and economic impacts; threats to coral reefs in the Coral Triangle region are much higher than the global average - more than 85 per cent of the region's reefs are currently under threat. The report includes recommendations, focusing on: reducing threats from human activities; enhancing reef resilience; developing integrated management systems at ecosystem scales; scaling up international collaboration efforts; and supporting climate change efforts.
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L. Burke

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