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Published: 1 Sep 2012

Powerful synergies: gender equality, economic development and environmental sustainability

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This collection of contributions by gender and sustainable development experts explores the interconnections between gender equality and sustainable development across a range of sectors and issues such as energy, health, education, food security, climate change, human rights, consumption and production patterns, and urbanisation. The articles provide evidence on how women’s equal access and control over resources not only improves livelihoods, but also helps ensure the sustainability of the environment. Recommendations for policy makers and practitioners include: develop a participatory and gender-responsive consultation process to inform and ensure equitable decision-making; commit to building a green economy based on gender equality, poverty eradication, and technological and social systems that reduce the environmental impact of production and consumption; decrease women’s growing burden of unpaid labour by increasing their access to appropriate technologies and natural resources.
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I Dankelman

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