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Document Abstract
Published: 2012

Why population matters to Malawi’s development: managing population growth for sustainable development

Slowing population growth in Malawi is essential for poverty reduction strategies to work
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Malawi adds over 400,000 people each year to its population. Without a reduction in the average number of births per woman, health, education and employment services will be overstretched. This trend will continue to challenge the country’s progress to meet the Millennium Development Goals, despite current efforts to advance Malawi’s economic growth and prosperity, as described in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS).

For Malawi to achieve its full set of growth and development goals, it must address population growth, and family planning is a key strategy toward achieving these goals. The primer provides information on the relationship among population growth, family planning and seven of the MGDS priorities. Each section offers facts about specific priorities, the relationship of the issue to population growth, and suggested actions for mobilisng support.
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