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Published: 2010

China Human Development Report 2009/10: China and a sustainable future: towards a low carbon economy and society

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By analysing both the risks and potential benefits of China’s shift to a low carbon economy and society, this Human Development Report hopes to contribute to China’s rapidly evolving policies in this area. It highlights that, if China can fully grasp the opportunities at hand, it could move to a society which is not only environmentally sustainable, but which also creates the conditions for greater job creation, enhanced resource efficiency and energy security, better food security and health outcomes for the people. The report points out that the benefits of China’s rapid growth have not come without some serious costs, including damages to the country’s environment and natural resources. Climate change adds new complexities to China’s quest for sustainable and equitable development. The report urges China to work on two fronts: it must deal with the existing and inevitable effects of climate change, and lower the growth of greenhouse gas emissions to prevent even greater threats.
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