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Published: 2013

A critical analysis of climate change factors and its projected future values in Delta state, Nigeria

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This study analyses climate change factors (temperature and rainfall) and their projected future values in the Delta state, Nigeria. A variety of crops such as maize, yam and cassava produced in Delta state depend on rainfall for their optimum performance. Therefore, decreasing and/or irregular rainfall patterns threaten food security in the state. This study reveals increasing trends of temperature values and decreasing rainfall values in the state. However, projected future rainfall values indicated an increasing trend. The study suggests that the increasing trends in temperature values may lead to a situation were crops will be smothered by excessive heat, thereby reducing food production in the state. The study recommends that meteorological station units should be established in the rural farming households in the state where accessibility is difficult. This will improve the availability of meteorological data for the benefit of poor rural farming households.
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P. O. Emaziye

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