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Published: 2006

Factors affecting prevalence of malnutrition among children under three years of age in Botswana

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This study was a cross-sectional descriptive survey conducted to evaluate the level of malnutrition and the impact of some socio-economic and demographic factors of households on the nutritional status of children under 3years of age in Botswana. 400 households and mothers of children representing 23 health regions of the country participated in the study. Results show that the level of wasting, stunting and underweight was 4.4%, 38.7% and 15.6% respectively. Malnutrition was significantly higher among boys than girls. Undernutrition was less prevalent among children whose parents worked in the agricultural sector than among children whose parents involved in informal business. Children brought up by single parents suffered from underweight significantly. The study findings imply that efforts for redressing child undernutrition issues in Botswana should focus on factors associated with development outcomes.
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S.E.O. Mahgoub; M. Nnyepi; T. Bandeke

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