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Published: 2013

The Global Information Technology Report 2013: Growth and Jobs in a Hyperconnected World

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The Networked Readiness Index presented in this report ranks 144 economies based on their capacity to exploit the opportunities offered by the digital age. This capacity is determined by the quality of the regulatory, business and innovation environments, the degree of preparedness, the actual usage of ICTs, as well as the societal and economic impacts of ICTs. The assessment is based on a broad range of indicators from Internet access and adult literacy to mobile phone subscriptions and the availability of venture capital. In addition, indicators such as patent applications and e-governmentservices gauge the social and economic impact of digitisation.

The Nordic countries and the so-called Asian Tigers – Singapore; Taiwan (China); South Korea; and Hong Kong SAR –
dominate this year's index thanks to, as the report argues, their business-friendly approach, highly skilled populations and investments in infrastructure, among other strengths. Finland stands out as a digital innovation hub. It boasts the world’s highest number of patent applications per capita in the domain of ICTs.

The BRICS economies, led by Russia (55th) continue to lag behind in the rankings. The report suggests that their rapid
economic growth may be in jeopardy unless the right investments are made in ICT, skills and innovation. Down seven, China ranks 58th, followed by Brazil (60th), India (68th), and South Africa (70th).
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B. Bilbao-Osorio (ed); S. Dutta (ed); B. Lanvin (ed)

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