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Published: 2013

Disasters and diversity: a study of humanitarian financing for older people and children under five

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Oly 1% of humanitarian aid targets older people and 2.3% children under five. This study from HelpAge adds to the growing body of evidence pointing to a limited connection between diversity and programming.

Given the emphasis traditionally put on assistance to children, it was expected their specific needs would be significantly more represented in projects and better covered by funding. Surprisingly, this was not the case. While people with disability and children under five are both marginally better represented than older people in humanitarian programming, the overall picture for inclusion of diversity issues is poor with the overall level of funding very low.

The authors argue that respect for diversity in humanitarian programming is a fundamental prerequisite of accountability to affected populations. In this respect, it makes the recommendation to create an accountability support function to be placed under the authority of an Humanitarian Coordinator. It furthermore concludes that it is critical to ensure that humanitarian country teams reflect diversity at all stages of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (coordinated assessments, joint needs analysis, joint planning, resource mobilisation and monitoring).
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A. Delgado (ed); M. Skinner (ed); P. Calvi (ed)

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