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Document Abstract
Published: 2012

Social protection and cash transfers to strengthen families affected by HIV and AIDS

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Social protection in the form of cash transfers is receiving increasing recognition as an important part of a comprehensive AIDS response. The urgency of cash assistance for food purchases is underscored by emerging evidence on the interactions between nutrition and AIDS disease progression.

This monograph examines how social protection can be used to protect children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. It reviews evidence on the impacts of 10 unconditional cash transfer (UCT) programmes in southern and East Africa and 10 conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs in Latin America.

It also reviews key policy debates relevant to programme design, as well as debates around conditionality. The authors also consider the relative strengths and weaknesses of food transfers and nutrition programmes, public works, and microcredit and livelihoods programmes, and social services.


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M. Adato; L. Bassett

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