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Published: 2013

Improving nutrition through multisectoral approaches

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This report offers operational guidance to the global development community on maximizing investments on nutrition outcomes for women and young children. It is a first step towards operationalising a multi-sectoral approach to improving nutrition. It does not address issues of obesity or “overnutrition,” instead focusing solely on deficiencies.

The document contains five modules, each with a different focus.

  • Module A outlines the rationale and strategic context for the nutrition initiative such as the approaching Millennium Development Goal deadline and the fact that 36 countries account for 90 percent of the undernourished, yet these countries do not have adequate nutrition investments.
  • Module B examines nutrition in the context of poverty and economic growth.
  • Module C discusses improving nutrition through agriculture and rural development and prioritises investments in women.
  • Module D describes how to improve nutrition through social protection, targeting pregnant women and children younger than 24 months.
  • Module E addresses health approaches to improving nutrition and outlines strategies to reduce anemia in pregnant women and decreasing micronutrient deficiencies, among other approaches.
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