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Published: 1 Dec 2010

Evaluation of SPARC support to the Conditional Grants Scheme

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The Evaluation Study of SPARC Support and the Resultant Progress Made in Implementing the MDGs Conditional Grants Scheme assesses SPARC support, and the progress made due to this support, in implementing the MDG Conditional Grants Scheme (CGS). A key conclusion is that, overall, SPARC's objectives at the federal level align with those of the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on the Millennium Development Goals (OSSAP-MDG) and the Conditional Grants Scheme (CGS). SPARC has helped the CGS make significant improvements to working practices, in particular, in developing qualifying criteria and improving the rigour of the evaluation processes. These have helped to improve the quality of applications and transparency.

At the state level there has been significant progress, with states increasing commitment to the CGS but there are concerns about the extent to which the CGS can leverage reforms. The study makes recommendations on the sustainability and impact of SPARC support to the CGS.

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