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Document Abstract
Published: 2015

Helpdesk report: learning assessments

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Overall, the available evidence that publicly examines the links between large-scale assessments of students’ learning and education policy, teaching practice and national capacity for assessment is limited to a small number of systematic reviews and a series of country-level case studies. 

This helpdesk report provides a rapid analysis of evidence of the role of large-scale learning assessments (LSEAs) in education systems in low- and middle-income countries.

It particularly presents evidence on promoting effective national capacities to conduct learning assessments; participation in international learning assessments to build national capacities for design, implementation and use of national assessments; the impact of participation in international learning assessments on political decisions, policy-making and teaching practices; consequences of focusing assessment of learning on language, numeracy, maths and sciences; and circumstances and actions required to ensure learning assessments to promote and secure improvements in learning achievement. 



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