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In addition to contributing Eldis content to the OKhub we also use the Hub as a source of content for our services. The visualisation below shows the volume of content from our OKHub partners that has bee added to the Eldis dataset.

Latest Documents

Understanding China’s approaches to international development
J. Gu; Y. Chen; Y. Zhang / Institute of Development Studies UK 2014
China’s impressive economic growth and increasing development activities overseas, particularly in the African continent, have spurred intense debate and criticism over its role as a rising power in international development. Ch...
Who drives climate-relevant policies in the Rising Powers?
H. Schmitz / Institute of Development Studies UK 2016
The future of human life on our planet is influenced increasingly by what goes on in the rising powers. This report presents a political economy analysis of their policies, comparing China, India, Brazil and South Africa. The i...
Conflict briefing notes: conflict briefing No.32, January 2016
Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme 2016
The Nigerian military sustained its attacks on locations and supply networks of the Jamaatu Ahlis-Sunna Liddaawati W al Jihad (JAS). Despite the successful counter-insurgency initiatives, JAS retained its capability to launch both sui...
Hatchery-bred milkfish fry: a must for fisheries development
D.C. Israel / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2000
Milkfish is the national fish of the Philippines not only because it is a favorite viand of the population. The milkfish industry has also been contributing about 10 percent, on average, to total fisheries production for the past two ...
Is LandBank EO138 ready?
Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2000
The recent reforms and development in the financial market necessitate the reexamination of the role of Land Bank of the Philippines. This issue argues that LBP should focus on its development function and give up its commercial and i...
Defining the agricultural biotechnology policy of the Philippines
S.C. Halos / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2000
Agricultural biotechnology offers a whole new range of possibilities to solving the problems that impinge on the productivity of the agriculture sector and its ability to feed the growing human population. Worldwide, amidst reactions ...
Protecting deposits in savings and credit cooperatives
G.M. Llanto / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2000
Throughout the years, savings and credit coopera tives (SCCs) int he Philippines have shown how effective they are in mobi- lizing millions of pesos of deposits from thousands of members, mostly coming from the low and middle income c...
Urban water pricing: the Metro Manila and Metro Cebu cases
Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2000
Water resource management in many major urban centers has failed to provide an economically efficient, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable de- velopment, distribution and use of water resources. In the greater M...
Using batteries to ensure clean, reliable, and affordable universal electricity access: A guide for energy decision makers
Alliance for Rural Electrification 2013
Energy storage is increasingly becoming a hot topic in the debate on how to improve efficiency reliability and price-competitiveness of electricity services as well as on how to achieve deeper integration of intermittent renewable ene...
Women’s economic empowerment and care: evidence for influencing
L. Rost; K. Bates; L. Dellepiane / Oxfam 2015
Care responsibilities is being increasingly identified as a factor restricting women’s empowerment outcomes, yet there is limited evidence on determinants of long hours or gender inequality in care work. To gain a clearer unders...