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Document Abstract
Published: 2003

Human resources for health

Dossier on human resources for health
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This human resources for health dossier aims to be an information resource and tool for advocacy for the importance of human resources in making improvements in health service delivery for poor people, and hence to provide support for DFID’s influencing strategy for human resources. It offers practical up to date information about how to address human resource problems and issues, drawing upon evidence about what works, and identifying innovations in approaches, policy and practice.

The site was designed in particular to respond to the needs of ministries of health and beyond, and of UK Department for International Development country advisors. However, its usefulness extends well beyond these constituencies

Sectons include:

  • Overview of human resources and health
  • Why are human resources a priority?
  • Institutional and system considerations
  • Civil service reform
  • Strengthening capacity - policy and practice
  • Achieving change
  • International initiatives
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