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Published: 2004

Katunguru, Queen Elisabeth National Park, Uganda: rural water supply pilot project

The implementation of a rural water supply schemes in Uganda
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This short paper reports on a rural water supply pilot project in Uganda, initiated by YME (a Norwegian NGO) in conjunction with the Uganda Wildlife Authorities (UWA). The paper presents a case study of Katunguru, a village in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, as an example of how water projects can be implemented within a short period of time, and without the long process of assessments and time consuming preparatory studies.

The paper details:

  • the water supply situation before the pilot project implementation, including water scarcity and contamination issues, soil and drought conditions, hygiene awareness and health issues
  • how the pilot project was set up, in relation to members of the village becoming involved with the construction of the water supply facilities, types of locally-adapted technology used to construct the water supply systems and the benefits of the YME-UWA partnership
  • pilot projects relevance to other water–scarce villages within Uganda, including wider lessons learned from the pilot project.

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