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Published: 2008

Market assessment toolkit for vocational training providers and youth linking vocational training programmes to market opportunities in Northern Uganda

How to choose a vocation based on market demand – a guide for youth
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Vocational training is at the intersection of economic recovery, education and rehabilitation and reintegration. It is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of youth and broader goals of economic reconstruction in post-conflict areas. This three-part toolkit aims to help youth in Vocational Training (VT) programs to find employment/self-employment based on market demand.

The toolkit is made up of three-parts providing resources, questionnaires and activities to assist VT programs and youth to gather information on market demand and translate it into programming that responds to a dynamic business environment and youth needs. The toolkit offers a roadmap to VT providers, youth participants and other local and international actors. Increased access to information will guide service providers in a demand-driven approach, matching youths’ interests, skills and available resources to market opportunities for employment and self-employment. Many of the tools have multiple purposes and all rely on using a combination of desk research and interviews with key actors.

Sections include:
  • Market Assessment Toolkit for Vocational Training Providers
  • Analysis Guide
  • Market Interaction Toolkit for Youth
The toolkit is based on research conducted in Kampala, and the Kitgum and Gulu districts of Uganda however it can applied to other contexts.

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K. Bidwell; C. Galbraith; L. Haddad

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