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Document Abstract
Published: 1 Nov 2007

The island advantage, Practices for prospering in isolation: id21 insights, issue 70

Building and maintaining healthy and viable island communities
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Island communities display rich and diverse cultures, languages, societies, histories, governance forms and livelihoods. Yet island characteristics such as isolation, restricted land area and limited domestic land-based resources bring about significant environmental and social challenges. The same characteristics also yield opportunities for tackling these challenges effectively.

Articles included:

  • What does sustainable tourism mean for islands?: McElroy, J and Dodds, R
  • Islands on the margins: Hovgaard, G.
  • Islands as World Heritage Sites: Orr, I and Robertson, G
  • Island minorities: Choong, W.
  • Autonomy without independence: Kerr, S.
  • Routes to island disaster resilience: Mitchell, T and Haynes, K
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