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Published: 2001

National Policy on Food and Nutrition in Nigeria

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Malnutrition has long been recognized as a consequence of poverty and lack of basic nutrition education. The close relationship between malnutrition and under-development has continued to be emphasized. Adequate nutrition is a sine qua non for cognitive and economic development and a key indicator of progress in human development. Therefore, reducing malnutrition is an important goal of development. The Federal Government of Nigeria has formulated this National Policy to deal with the multifaceted problem of nutrition, using a multisectoral and multidisciplinary program approach. The program to be derived from this policy is expected to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition by alleviating poverty through increased access to productive resources, increased incomes and enhanced standards of living. This document is intended to serve a s framework to guide the identification and development of intervention programs and to address malnutrition problems across various sectors
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