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Published: 2013

Access to urban basic services and determinants of satisfaction: a comparison by non-slum and slum dwellers in Dhaka City

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Dhaka has experienced rapid urbanisation in recent decades. However, the city’s infrastructure and basic utility service provisions lag behind its physical expansion making it one of the least livable cities in the world. The government of Bangladesh provides various utility services, water, electricity, waste collection, among others, to urban dwellers. However, the satisfaction level of those utility services among the recipients varies widely.

This paper examines the end-users’ satisfaction level - considering both slum and non-slum consumers - of three key utility services namely, water and sanitation, waste management and electricity in Dhaka city. The study also identifies the determinants of satisfaction level of those services.

It is found that majority of the households’ satisfaction level for the aforementioned services are lower irrespective of slum and non-slum consumers. It is also observed that people living in non-slums are better-off vis-à-vis their counterparts living in slums. However, the satisfaction level of the latter is relatively higher than the former. Determinants of satisfaction for individual utility services are reported in the paper.

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M.S. Islam; M.N.U. Khan

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