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Africa responding to climate risks

Over March, the Eldis Climate Change Resource guide is showcasing regional content from Africa, Asia and Latin America. This week we focus on Africa.

We know that Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change and evidence from the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) shows that 'climate change is expected to have widespread impacts on African society and Africans’ interaction with the natural environment. Given the strong reliance on small scale agriculture as a source of food security and exponentially growing cities that need access to growing amounts of water, energy and food, climate change risks are being (and will be) experienced in a variety of ways, especially for those who are already vulnerable. Pro-active and coordinated governance structures, adequate investments and resources and strong citizen engagement are key for effective responses.

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At the end of February, two events were hosted in the African region. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, an international Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa focused on 'fostering African resilience and capacity to adapt'. In Kigali, Rwanda, diverse stakeholders and experts came together to examine the 2015 El Niño impacts and lessons learned in the Greater Horn of Africa. Both these events showcased regional experience, learning and good practice.

In 2015, Joseph Dr. Johnson Nkem, a senior Climate Change Adaptation Expert based in the African Climate Policy Centre in UNECA, wrote a blog for Eldis discussing possible development trajectories for Africa in response to climate change, and how a shift in narrative could help Africa economically develop whilst responding to climate change long term impacts. You can read his full blog here.

Image Source: V. Atakos | Flickr
African country profiles
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We have brought together over 700 credible climate change and development resources from across the African region. These documents, made up of research reports, working papers, policy briefs, training manuals and more, can also be accessed via the climate change country profile pages.

Mainstreaming climate information into sector development plans: the case of Rwanda’s tea and coffee sectors
P. Watkiss / National Environment Research Council, UK 2015
This report demonstrates the use of climate information in assessing adaptation needs and implementation of adaptation interventions. It provides an outline of the change in thinking that is happening as adaptation moves from t...
Accelerating climate resilient and low carbon development: the Africa climate business plan
World Bank 2015
This plan aims at raising awareness and accelerating resource mobilization for priority climate-resilient and low-carbon initiatives in Africa. It focuses on a dozen priority areas and is clustered in three groups. The first cl...
Sustainable mountain development in East Africa in a changing climate
GRID Arendal 2015
People who live in the world’s mountainous areas are particularly vulnerable to climate change. In 2014 a global project that supports developing countries with mountain regions was launched to support the integration of climate...
Planning a new urban research programme for SEI Africa: A review of current and potential avenues of research on sustainable urbanization
C. Muhoza / Stockholm Environment Institute 2015
This working paper reviews existing SEI expertise on urban issues and identifies the existing and potential research areas and partners that SEI Africa should concentrate on as it develops this new programme. Recent and current...
Drivers of household food availability in sub-Saharan Africa based on big data from small farms
R. Frelat / Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 2015
Achieving sustainable food security (i.e., the basic right of people to produce and/or purchase the food they need, without harming the social and biophysical environment) is a major challenge in a world of rapid human population grow...
Africa 2030: Roadmap for a renewable energy future
International Renewable Energy Agency 2015
Africa 2030 - part of IRENA’s global Remap analysis - provides a comprehensive roadmap for Africa’s energy transition. The report recommends 14 actions to accelerate Africa's renewable energy uptake. These include a...
Adaptation actions in Africa: evidence that gender matters
J. Twyman; M. Green; Q. Bernier / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2014
This paper uses descriptive statistics to shows gender differences in terms of perceptions of climate change, awareness and adoption of climate smart agricultural (CSA) practices, and types and sources of agro-climatic information in ...
Review of research and policies for climate change adaptation in the agriculture sectors in Southern Africa
P. Mapfumo / Future Agricultures Consortium 2015
The key findings from a critical review of current evidence and research policies on climate change adaptation in the agricultural sector in Southern Africa. The study explores the concepts and understanding of adaptation, resi...
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