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The internet: who's in and who's out

How Eldis looked in 19991st August 2014 marks 15 years since Eldis first registered its internet domain name So how has the internet changed over that 15 year period and who have been the winners and losers as a result?

This timeline uses International Telecommunication Union statistics and other research to highlight some the key developments in global internet use and looks at how the world has changed since that day in August 1999.

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Further reading from the Eldis ICT and Development Resource Guide

Gender equality in the information society: a review of current literature and recommendations for policy and practice
A. Gurumurthy; N. Chami / BRIDGE 2014
The rapid global spread of information and communication technologies (ICTs), and particularly the proliferation of mobile Internet devices, is redefining not only the realms of information and communication, but the very nature of so...
Internet governance and developing countries: implications for India
S. Saha / Research and Information System for Developing Countries 2014
India’s contribution towards deliberations on Internet governance is mature but lacks consistency and coherence. India along with the US, EU and Japan did not sign the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR), to come i...
The Global Information Technology Report 2013: Growth and Jobs in a Hyperconnected World
B. Bilbao-Osorio (ed); S. Dutta (ed); B. Lanvin (ed) / World Economic Forum 2013
The Networked Readiness Index presented in this report ranks 144 economies based on their capacity to exploit the opportunities offered by the digital age. This capacity is determined by the quality of the regulatory, business and inn...
Using ICT to promote governance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Danida, Denmark 2012
There is a special role for donors to play in the form of provision of resources and pro-governance strategies for improved democracy. Danida commissioned this study with the objective of: examining strategic opp...