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Working with global nutrition data

Assessing trends in malnutrition rates and country progress towards global nutrition targets can be tricky. Global numbers often paint a gloomy picture when many countries are making great strides in improving nutrition. National averages mask the granularity that comes with sub-national data at the state and district levels. Aggregating up to the global level is another challenge. The data tell us that childhood malnutrition is decreasing in many countries, but that adult obesity is rising everywhere. So is malnutrition increasing or decreasing globally? The answer is that we can’t be certain, because we don’t have the data to give us a reliable conclusion.

To learn more about the the use of data in nutrition analysis, read this post from Komal Bhatia (Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK) , Kamilla Eriksen (MRC Human Nutrition Research, Cambridge, UK) and Natasha Ledlie (International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington D.C.) who are all Data Analysts for the Global Nutrition Report.

more on nutrition data

Improving agriculture and nutrition with open data
L. Carolan; F. Smith; V. Protonotarios; B. Schaap; E. Broad; J. Hardinges; W. Gerry / The Open Data Institute 2015
How can we improve agriculture, food and nutrition with open data?  In this discussion paper, the Open Data Institute highlight examples of how open data is being used in different agriculture and nutrition contexts t...
Measuring multiple facets of malnutrition simultaneously: the missing link in setting nutrition targets and policymaking
P. Webb; H. Luo; U. Gentilini / Food Security 2015
Attention to nutrition continues to grow. The recent surge in interest has included widening agreement on two major issues: first, nutrition goals cannot be achieved through targeted actions alone; nutrition-sensitive interventions ar...
Food and Nutrition in Numbers
Faostat, FAO 2014
Overcoming malnutrition in all of its forms – caloric undernourishment, micronutrient deficiencies and obesity – requires a combination of interventions in different areas that guarantee the availability of and access to h...
Global nutrition report: Actions and accountability to accelerate the world's progress on nutrition
International Food Policy Research Institute 2014
Malnutrition affects one in two people on the planet. Of these, 165 million children under the age of five are estimated to be stunted (i.e. low height for age). Two billion people are estimated to be deficient in one or more micronut...

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Our colleagues at HEART resource centre and MQSUN have launched a new online nutrition topic guide aimed at policymakers and practitioners. 

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