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We provide access to Eldis content in several ways so you can keep up to date with the latest development research on your topic of interest.

Eldis reporters

Eldis Reporters bring our summaries of the best recent research direct to your email Inbox in one accessible fortnightly bulletin. We offer theme-based Reporters tailored to your topic interests plus our general "Eldis Development" Reporter.

Sign up to the Eldis Development Reporter by entering your email address below or follow the link to subscribe to other topics.


You can also keep up to date by following Eldis on Twitter. We offer 3 Twitter services regularly updated with highlights of the latest content from our services:

Eldis updates: a combination of the latest research papers and other things we like! 

Eldis jobs: latest jobs posted on Eldis.

Eldis Communities highlights: selection of recent postings by community members on our sister site.

Eldis on Facebook

facebookYou can also read and share regular updates from Eldis in your Facebook News Feed. You just need to visit the Eldis Facebook Page here and "Like" it.

Eldis Newsfeeds

Keep up-to-date by adding our RSS/XML newsfeeds to your browser, Google Reader account, blog or website. We offer feeds tailored to your research interests or the region where you work and an update on the latest jobs.

If you are creating a website you should also check out the Get the data page.

General feed

General - all subjects


Topic feeds


Climate Change


Food security





Health systems

ICT for development


Rising Powers in International Development


Regional feeds


East Asia and Pacific

Latin America and Caribbean

Middle East and North Africa

South Asia


Other feeds