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Document Abstract
Published: 2016

The State of Biodiversity in Asia and the Pacific: a mid-term review of progress towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets

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Global Biodiversity Outlook-4 (GBO-4), the mid-term review of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, provided a global assessment of progress towards the attainment of the Plan’s global biodiversity goals and associated Aichi Biodiversity Targets, but contained limited regional information.

This report builds on and complements the global GBO-4 assessment. This is the second edition of The State of Biodiversity in Asia and the Pacific report and serves as a near mid-term review of progress towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets for the Asia Pacific region.

The report draws on a set of regional indicators, information from fifth national reports to the CBD, other government reports, case studies and published literature, to provide a target by target review of progress towards the twenty Aichi Biodiversity Targets. As much as possible, global indicators for Aichi Biodiversity Targets have been broken down to regional level and some additional analyses of existing global information have been undertaken. However, limitations in data have meant that some datasets which do not extend past 2011 have been included to illustrate that relevant information exists, but that further efforts to update this information are needed.

The key messages about the state of biodiversity in the region, and the pressures upon it, which have emerged from this assessment are:

  • the exceptional biodiversity in Asia and the Pacific continues to decline
  • combinations of human-induced factors are a key driver of biodiversity loss
  • Asia and the Pacific continue to experience deforestation and forest degradation
  • rapid growth in demand for wildlife products is fuelling unsustainable trade, with impacts inside and outside of the region
  • invasive alien species create particular pressures on the oceanic islands
  • marine ecosystems are vulnerable to growth in commercial and artisanal fisheries
  • te negative impacts of climate change on species and ecosystems are exacerbating the effects of other pressures on Asia and the Pacific’s biodiversity
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