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Document Abstract
Published: 1995

Enhancing stakeholder participation in aid activities: technical note

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Recommendations on methods for encouraging participation in development projects

Part One provides definitions and describes the extent to which we can at the moment answer the questions of why, when and how to encourage stakeholder participation. It explains why participatory approaches are important for a sustainable and effective aid programme. It describes how to identify key stakeholders through stakeholder analysis and lists key issues for partnership with these other stakeholders. A series of steps are provided for negotiating participation of other stakeholders in DFID-financed activities; and the extent to which participation is feasible, sensible and cost effective is explored in relation to the type of aid and sector. Part Two is concerned with specific practice in different kinds of aid activities. It recommends an initial stakeholder analysis at an early stage to be incorporated in the Project Concept Note, and then further refined for the Project Submission, with revisions during annual reviews. Participatory approaches are then described in connection with the process approach and the project framework. Methods for enhancing participation during the aid activity are identified; and the TN concludes with Checklists. [author]

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