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Published: 2014

Urban China: Toward efficient, inclusive, and sustainable urbanization

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This report includes six priority areas for a new model of urbanisation:
1. Reforming land management and institutions: The report says currently the amount of farmland available is close to the 'red line' of 120 million hectares, which is considered to be the minimum necessary to ensure food security.
2. Reforming the hukou household-registration system to provide equal access to quality services for all citizens and create a more mobile and versatile labour force.
3. Placing urban finances on a more sustainable footing, while creating financial discipline for local governments.
4. Reforming urban planning and design: For example by cities making better use of existing urban land through flexible zoning.
5. Managing environmental pressures: Including stronger enforcement of environmental laws.
6. Improving local governance: The performance evaluation system of local officials could be adjusted to give greater incentives for a more efficient, inclusive and sustainable urbanization process.

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