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Published: 2011

Finding Frames: New ways to engage the UK public in global poverty

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This report is the product of a six-month study which aimed to explore the potential for frames theory to be used as a practical tool to re-engage the UK public in global poverty. It suggests new ways forward for engaging the public in environmental issues and actions.

The report argues that, in terms of how the UK public understands and engages with global poverty, it can be said they are stuck in roughly the same place as they were in 1985. The most widespread model for public engagement has been labelled as the 'Live Aid Legacy', which casts the UK public in the role of 'dominant giver', and Southern publics in the role of 'grateful receiver'. In this model, the causes of poverty are internal to poor countries, and nothing to do with global politics.

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A. Darnton; M. Kirk

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