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Document Abstract
Published: 2015

Building an online platform in support of outcome-focused results-based program management

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A report on the delivery of the CCAFS aim to work towards one online system (a “one-stop shop”) at the program level for pre-planning, planning and reporting tasks, that also has functions to allow for program monitoring, learning and evaluation, data management, and donor reporting.

The platform is aimed not only at addressing program requirements but also at meeting CGIAR system-level requirements. In operationalizing an outcome-focused approach, adaptive management functions are embedded in the system (such as iterative learning and feedback processes), to encourage and enable project teams and program managers to work in a reflexive, forward- looking manner guided by their impact pathways.

The one-stop shop aims to be interoperable with other platforms, repositories, and data-information systems; ultimately, it will allow for adjustments in planning and reporting throughout the research project and program life cycles.


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