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Published: 2016

PIDS, NEDA, 3ie bolster campaign to create a culture of evaluation

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This paper, focusing on 2015, looks back on one of Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) most challenging projects to date--impact evaluation. The Institute considers its involvement in impact evaluation work as a way to bring policy research in the Philippines one step higher. This issue of the Development Research News, thus, highlights the Policy Forum on Impact Evaluation that brought together senior government officials to promote a culture of evaluation among policymakers--a cause that PIDS believes in. Moreover, this issue also digs deep in exposing core irrigation problems and in scrutinizing the effectiveness of the Community Mortgage Program. PIDS research findings on bottom-up budgeting, postharvest facilities, and logistics industry in the Greater Manila Area, which were presented to the Congress through policy dialogues, complete this quarter's issue.

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